Monday, January 3, 2022

Happy New Year and 2022 resolutions

From Auld Lang Syne to watching the New Year’s ball drop, most of us make our New Year's resolution before midnight January 1st—a tradition in which we set our goals to change for the better or improve some aspect of our lives in the coming year.

As Vice President of Education, my resolution is truly focused on impacting student learning, specifically enhancing classroom activities, and striving to make the best resource educators may rely on. In addition, I have a goal to assist educators in working smarter, NOT harder, in their classrooms. Our new activities like the International Virtual Fieldtrip and Unlock & Beat the Clock Classroom Challenge are just a couple of the programs we’ve developed as high-quality, easy-to-use resources for educators! We also have our full course, Civics Fundamentals, which is a wonderful complement to any civics/social studies curriculum.

So in 2022, I resolve to keep thinking outside the box, delivering top-shelf educator resources, and implementing the many great ideas from you, our educators. So please, continue contributing and sharing those great ideas with me, such as what you may want for professional development or something you wish you had in the classroom. We are going to keep working to make 2022 an awesome year for all of our educators—classroom teachers, parents, anyone!

May 2022 bring balance and a healthy & safe New Year!

Best regards,

Dean Graziano, J.D. VP of Education