Thursday, October 7, 2021

Awareness- knowledge or perception of a situation or fact

By Dean Graziano

According to the Oxford Dictionary, awareness means “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.”

In many states, the month of October 2021 has been proclaimed by governors as Civics Awareness Month.’s Vice President of Education, Dean Graziano, led the charge by reaching out to many states with both the idea and verbiage for these governor proclamations to ensure as many students as possible have “knowledge or perception of a situation or fact,” specifically understanding the importance of civics education.

"We cannot sustain a democratic republic with a citizenry that is uninformed about, and basically estranged from, our Constitution and our institutions," said Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg. Ginsburg launched the new Civics Fundamentals education materials from, which he hosts, just in time for October's proclamations. "I am confident this unique collection of teaching materials will help educators raise enthusiasm for civics among their students."

Our new product, Civics Fundamentals with Judge Douglas Ginsburg, takes the 100 questions asked by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for the naturalization test for U.S. citizenship and explores the "WHY?" to discover the meaning and importance of each question and answer. We have created two-minute videos for each of the 100 questions that can be turnkey lessons in civics education classes nationwide.

Our goal is to move beyond rote memorization of facts that dominate the current civics curriculum toward "inquiry-based instruction" that engages learners and is becoming more prevalent in education today. It provides lessons that explain the most important question of all: WHY? For example, one question asks, "What is the supreme law of the land?" but does not explain the concept of a supreme law – or why having a supreme law is essential. This project seeks to inform students of the true American experiment: our system of limited government, with its checks and balances, was designed to promote self-government. It all starts with the individual. Please check out Bringing knowledge or perception of a situation or fact (civics competency) to YOUR classroom! Civics Fundamentals with Judge Douglas Ginsburg, like ALL materials is available at no cost to any educator or student