Thursday, August 26, 2021

By Dean Graziano will be hosting a monthly professional development workshop series this fall on a myriad of topics. One topic that seems to be popular is the one on authentic online assessments.

From the website-

One of the challenges online learning presents is the difficulties educators face in reading/evaluating student understanding. From lack of body language (or sometimes even facial expressions if they won't turn on their cameras!) to difficulties with group work, many issues arise that interfere with the ability to assess understanding. In this webinar, we'll discuss ways to authentically assess your online students. (Because online learning is the genie out of the bottle – it's not going back in!)

For me, success is measured by educators willing to embrace and learn the “new” way of assessing students via online classroom learning. In addition, more and more articles and sharing are taking place across many educator resources/websites.

I was asked to answer, “How has the school experience changed for you over the last year since the pandemic began AND what have been the benefits?

My first response is EVERYTHING changed. Perhaps not all in a negative way. I hear educators all over the country stating, “education, that is remote learning; is what we got out of this pandemic.” I disagree. We learned that OUR students could adapt to an ever-changing classroom. Moreover, educators saw who thrived with individual work and those that needed a social climate and in-person classrooms. This data is the data EVERY school should be compiling! Shared among the staff as a hand-off to the subsequent grade specific teacher of those that may opt for more individual projects and those that do not. In the absence of such collaboration, allow students to make choices in being assessed-albeit individual or group projects. In short, we learned not EVERY student learns or is supported the same way. It is incumbent upon us as educators to accommodate every learning style!

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