Friday, March 19, 2021

Why Reading DOES Matter!

By Dean Graziano has a tremendous library of educational resources. One in particular, a Teachable Moment, titled "Reading Matters" really lays out a wonderful plan-of-action for students in ALL grade levels. As we approach the summer recess, we must remember, summer vacation should NOT be a vacation from learning! Since there is already a learning lag that takes place every summer, now more than ever our students should remain diligent and continue to work on their studies over the summer.

Hopefully this fall, we'll have less utilization of remote learning, so ensuring that students close that lag over the summer is a high priority.

One discussion question in this Teachable Moment is Do you think reading is as important today as it was when Thomas Sowell was a youngster? Why or why not? Reading is always important but, in a world where students have not really received the in-face class time or ability to “stay after” and receive additional teacher support, the summer can become the perfect time for catching up, maintaining the status quo, and even getting ahead.

Correlations to higher scores on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, all point to students with who are solid readers achieving higher scores. Increased vocabulary and comprehension skills are important to ANY post-secondary career path. Increased creativity, concentration, and empathy are all other benefits from reading. When I recall the importance of reading from elementary school and summer reading programs, I am so lucky to have participated and had direction to do so. Upon changing careers in 2008 and attending law school, I looked up how many pages are read in the three years matriculating through law school-60,000! Having solid reading skills was so vital as I pursued this career pathway. No matter where your career path takes you, reading does matter!

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller