Thursday, April 16, 2020

Remote Education Tips – By Susan Gable

By now, most of you out there who are teaching remotely (or helping your kids learn remotely) have probably heard of Zoom. Zoom lets you do a digital meeting. It's an awesome tool for connecting with people, something we desperately need right now.

But from an educational standpoint, there are some other options that can help.

Another way of teaching an actual lesson remotely, one that will allow your students more flexibility in when they view the lesson, is to record your presentation to video, and then make that video available to your students. This way if there is shared technology in the home, students don't have to worry about commandeering the tech at an exact time. Maybe their sibling needs to the computer at that time, or their parent is using the same computer to work from home.

Check out In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Loom has even taken the step of making their product FREE to educators. Forever. (Yes, I know, it's an amazing thing! Well done, Loom!)

Loom allows you to make recordings that utilize your camera, your screen, or both at the same time. Students can see you presenting the material, hear your voice, and see the material you're presenting. Right now, seeing and hearing you, their teacher, is a big help. Connection is something we're all craving during this social distancing. 

Use your screen to present your lessons, whether it's using a website, a Google Slide or PowerPoint Presentation, or drawing equations on screen.

Besides making lessons more flexible for your students, this also allows you to give the lesson once…and have it forever! No more doing the same lesson over and over again. Let the students watch, and then you can handle their questions and provide one-on-one help – a much better use of your time!

This video gives you a quick look at what your students will see when they watch a presentation you've recorded.

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