Monday, March 16, 2020

More Helpful Tips for Parents & Educators Who Will Be Educating Kids Remotely Due to the Coronavirus Situation By Susan Gable

With more schools going to remote (online) learning because of the Coronavirus, we wanted to offer some help! Here are some things we've found that can help both parents and teachers during this time period. This is a good time to show kids that learning isn't just for in-school, or as directed by their teachers. Learning is everywhere and all the time. Here are some great places for you to find online opportunities for your kids.

Make sure students can access the internet!

The U.S. Constitution & Black History  A FREE online course that explores how changes to the laws via Constitutional amendments and Supreme Court Cases impacted the history of black Americans.  (Your student will receive a certificate upon completion of the course at the email they sign up with. Ages 13 and older.)

Current Events – 2 lessons with vocabulary words and higher-level discussion questions each school day. (Or what would be school days under normal circumstances!) Engage your students with what's going on in the world. (Must be signed in to a FREE account to view/use the lessons.)

Scholastic Learn at Home – PreK – Grade 6+

Udemy Inexpensive courses (look for sales!) to learn all kinds of things, from economics and American History, to graphic design or Excel.  

Open Culture Online Courses – Listing of free online education courses from universities around the world. 

Academic Earth – Another site with listings of free online college courses.
Duolingo – This is a free app for online or your cell phone that allows you to study foreign languages, from Spanish and German to Japanese and even Klingon. It simultaneously immerses the learner in reading, writing, and speaking the language. (Seriously, this is FUN! Try it out.) 

How about a virtual field trip to a museum? Here's an article with links to 12 Famous Museums that you can explore without actually leaving home.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

E-Learning Fills in the Gaps By Susan Gable

It could be weather-related or a water main break. It could be due to mass illness. (We all know kids are germ magnets!) School's closed! Unexpected day off! Break out the hot chocolate and stay in your pajamas.

But we all know there's no such thing as a free lunch – or a free day off, especially if your district has already exhausted any "free days" built into the calendar.

More and more districts are using a variety of e-learning and "flipped classroom" models to fill in the gaps when students can't be in school. This prevents the need for makeup days, usually added at the end of the year or taken from a vacation period.

Needed to Take Advantage of E-Learning Makeup Days:

1. Technology – This method works best in districts where students have been issued laptops/Chromebooks by the school. That ensures all students have the tools they need to do the work.
2. Home Internet Access – It goes without saying this makes it work, particularly for inclement weather that pops up unexpectedly, without giving teachers a chance to have students download materials.
3. Learning Management System (LMS) – This helps tremendously with structure. Students will already be accustomed to accessing teachers' lessons and assignments, and communicating with their teacher this way. Can Help, Too

Educators can create an account to access free materials at that work great for these types of makeup days.

Students can access the site via their teacher's class code and watch 10-15-minute videos designed to promote critical thinking. They cover from economics, science, and health, to geography and family & consumer science. You can even find some that integrate music and social studies! Students can then take an online quiz. 

Assign a Current Events lesson, with vocabulary words and higher-level discussion questions. Have students write essays for answers, then return to class the next day prepared to discuss! Or, if your LMS includes a forum capability, host the discussion there.

Looking for something even shorter? Check out the collection of Teachable Moments videos – short, right-to-the-point videos that are less than 5 minutes long and include supplemental activities.

There's also a new online mini-course, The U.S. Constitution & Black History, which can be used online, or dragged into your SCORM 1.2 compatible LMS.

You don't have to wait for an e-learning day. also offers complete substitute lesson plans that incorporate their materials. Other teachers use them on a regular basis to bring the curriculum to life with high-interest videos. Create your free account today!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Financial Literacy - Coming Soon from!

Money can't buy happiness... but knowing how to manage it sure can increase your happiness!

Teach your students all the basics of Financial Literacy with our upcoming video.

From budgets and compound interest, to the time value of money and why savings needs to become a habit, we cover what your students need to know!

Learn more here.