Thursday, January 23, 2020

New Interactive Course from

We just released a brand new product for, our very first interactive mini-course.

The U.S. Constitution & Black History course (available to educators as either an online course or as a course module that can be loaded into an LMS) examines how the laws of the United States, starting with the Constitution itself, have impacted the history of black Americans. It covers important Supreme Court cases like Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson, and Brown v. Board of Ed. How have we moved toward a more inclusive nation? One that strives to live up to the words Thomas Jefferson penned in the Declaration of Independence, "...all men are created equal"?

Open Structured Course

This version of the course is an open structured course - a participant is not "funneled" through the course in the structured sequence, but rather is free to explore the segments of the course that most appeal to them, in the order they want.

Closed Structured Course

Participants are required to complete the course in sequence and must view at least 90% of each video and complete any quizzes in order to proceed to the next segment.
If you are an educator looking to preview this course for use in your classroom, we recommend the Open Structure Course. If you would like to assign the course to your individual students and know for sure that they are completing each section, we recommend you send them to the Closed Structure Course. If you want your students to only complete certain segments of the course, send them to the Open Structure Course and have them complete the segments you wish.

Your FEEDBACK is invaluable and much appreciated! Please take the time, after using the course, to complete a feedback form.

The course has been aligned to all the most common standards. You can use our Standards Alignment tool if you need to document which standards you're covering by using this course.

NOTE: Course cartridge created in SCORM 1.2. If not compatible with your LMS, email us.