Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10th Birthday Quiz Contest - For Students

Happy birthday to us, presents for you!

It might be our birthday, but the presents are for you—and your students! We didn’t want to leave the students out of the celebration, so each month, when your students take one of our online quizzes (you must set up your classes so they can do this—log in to your account, go to the My Account Page, and click the QUIZZES button. You’ll find a How To video to demonstrate the complete process!) and score a 75% or higher, they’ll be entered to win a pair of Boompod headphones.  

We automatically score the quizzes for you, and your students’ privacy is assured because we will send the prize to you, and you will award it to your student. (We’ll let you know which student won based on how you entered their ID, which is completely up to you. Watch the How To video for details.)

One eligible winner will be randomly selected each month. 

For complete rules, click here.