Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NEW Download Feature.....from izzit.org



We know that sometimes you can't count on your internet connection, and the worst thing to happen mid-lesson is wanting to use a video and not being able to access it. So we're now offering the option of downloading our videos.
Active izzit.org members can download our full programs directly to their device for instant, ad-free viewing!!

First, make sure you're logged in to your free izzit.org Account. Then either visit our streaming page here

Video download button on the streaming page.

or go to our Educational Videos page, select a title, and you'll see a new download button under the video player.

Video download button as found on each video's product page.

At the moment, we're allowing unlimited downloads each school year, so you can create your own digital izzit.org library. That policy may change in the future. Don't forget to download the video's Teacher's Guide as well. (You must be logged in to access Teacher's Guides.)
Remember, you can also stream from izzit.org, our YouTube channel, our Vimeo channel, and you can even watch most of our full programs on Roku!

Thursday, March 3, 2016


We have another NEW RELEASE....

As seen on public television!!!

Developing nations turn on the power! 

Electricity is so much a part of our daily routine in the developed world that it’s hard to imagine life without it. It’s much more than just lights and television, or the internet...electricity plays a factor in health and well-being. 

Travel to Issidan Izdar, a tiny village in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to see what life is like without power. Then visit the neighboring village of Tamayousst, which connected to a power grid several years ago, to see what a difference electric makes in daily life for those in developing parts of world. 

Some fear this increased demand for energy will harm the planet. But what about the harm to people who live without it? Can we object to the developing world’s rise out of poverty and increased standard of living? 

Click here for instant download or visit our website to learn more here.