Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Orleans: Culture and Conferences by Nick Liberatore

New Orleans is a city of intriguing culture. Most recently it was site of the largest social studies conference in the country held by the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS).  It’s a city in which a Thursday can be the reason for celebration, where parades break out in the middle of the street, and bands perform jazz ensembles outside of the local oyster bar.

My name is Nick Liberatore, and after working with for a little over a year now, the opportunity to see first-hand how something like this works was refreshing.  From an action civics card game designed to teach kids how to incite change in their community to businesses that help teachers organize trips for students, educational prowess was on display.  At, we focus on helping teachers on a strict budget get the resources they need to effectively teach by engaging children with respectful debate using critical thinking, and the need for this was apparent as well. 

  And who doesn't love free stuff? Teachers were, to say the least, grateful for anything that they need not pay for out of pocket! 

You can tell right away from talking to the teachers at the conference teach because they love it, and that is extremely important.  With the newest smart devices from watches to phones, keeping the attention of children can be a challenge, and one that all teachers recognized. 

Attending the NCSS conference was an interesting opportunity for me. Getting to meet teachers and hearing what they had to say about was helpful and enlightening. Even better, I was able to share with a lot of teachers who'd never heard about us.

For those who already knew, we offered some lagniappe in the form of extra free DVDs and other conference swag. 

Next year's NCSS conference will be held Dec. 2 - 4, 2016 in Washington, D.C. We'll be there, and hopefully we'll see some of you there, too.

Nick Liberatore

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Susan Will Be Presenting This Saturday at TEDxErie....

We're getting very excited for this weekend!!!
Susan Gable, our Director of Education Curriculum will be presenting her TEDxErie talk "Raising Up Kids Who Can Think for Themselves - and for Us!"

Here is Susan's submission video for TEDxErie.

Here is Susan's official TEDxErie interview video.

If you wish to tune in and watch, here's the link:

Susan Gable is the Director of Education Curriculum for She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Douglas College/Rutgers University and is a certified elementary teacher in three states. Susan's also a multi-published, award-winning author and has presented numerous public speaking events & workshops for writers, readers, teachers and parents.

Susan has 7 published novels and one independently published book on writing. She recently published a coloring book for grownups.

The TEDxErie event begins this Saturday at 1:30 PM, if you are a local Erie resident there are many FREE and open to the public streaming locations listed below.

It Wouldn't Be November If.....

We didn't give you a POGO!!!

Pick one, get one FREE!!!

Raise the Wage teaches your students about the unintended consequences of raising the minimum wage.

The Great Depression 2.0 teaches your students about the causes of the Great Depression.

Click here to learn more about these two educational videos.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

We're On The Road Again......

Next stop, (DING DING) New Orleans!

Meet Tara and Nick

National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), New Orleans, Nov 12-14, 2015, Booth #713

If you'll be attending the NCSS conference, make sure you stop by booth #713 and check out our latest educational DVDs, sign up for a free membership AND enter to win a Roku Streaming Stick! (Oh, and you get a FREE DVD too! Yes, even if you're already an member! It wouldn't be nice to exclude our loyal members, would it?)

Our booth will be stocked with DVDs on hand, for you to take with you that day, for FREE! We'll even have our newest release Energy Solutions: Who Chooses?  but supplies are limited, so stop by early. 

We'll have plenty of the Pups of Liberty DVDs for lower grade students (and it's also very popular - maybe that should be pup-ular? - with special ed teachers & students), both Pups of Liberty: The Boston Tea-Bone Party and Pups of Liberty: The Dog-claration of Independence

We'll also have 2081, Escape!, and many other titles.

Two classroom teachers will be available to offer suggestions for how to use our products in your classroom.

Plus, we'll giving away other conference "swag!" So stop by, say hi, get free stuff, and get entered to win a Roku streaming stick!

Stay connected with us for live photos/updates and more conference information.

We're Social:

See you in New Orleans....

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