Monday, September 21, 2015

Another New Release - Check out Recalculating!

In September, for back-to-school, we decided that releasing one new video wasn't enough. We thought that educators might like a choice of options for the new school year. So we released two new videos!

Recalculating is set in India, and it can help your students understand that technology sometimes has uses far beyond what we normally think of for them.
In the national forests of Gujarat, India, the tribal people have been seen as encroachers, thieves who dare to produce food for their families on land claimed by the government. Rama Bhai and his family have worked land in the Sagai village for generations. The technology we use to find our way to unfamiliar places came to their rescue. Learn how GPS operates, and how it, along with Google Maps, saved the day for some of the poorest of the poor in India.

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