Friday, September 11, 2015

After a long wait, it's HERE!

We have been teasing you all like crazy, but the time has come....The new Pups of Liberty: The Dog-claraton of Independence video is finally available. can watch the whole video, right now, via streaming on the website!

After the Boston Tea-Bone Party, the Pups of Liberty continue to assert themselves against Catland. But the Royal TomCat refuses their requests for representation in the government and issues orders that make life miserable in the 13 Ameri-canine colonies.

You will witness Paul Ruffere’s famous midnight run to warn the MinuteMutts at Lexington and Concord. Join Anne Kennel and Bonejamin Franklin in Philadelphia. Be there as Thomas Jefferhound writes, and the Continental Congress votes on, the Dog-claration of Independence, starting the Revolutionary War and putting America on the path to freedom.

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We also have an activity book that contains 48 pages of activities centered on the adventures of our Pups.
The activity book has a special introductory offer of$4.95. Sale ends September 30th! A perfect addition to the Pups of Liberty: Dog-claration of IndependenceDVD!

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