Friday, August 28, 2015

Keeping Our Customers Happy!

You probably know that teachers and homeschoolers across the country use DVDs and other teaching materials. What you may not know about is our fabulous customer service team, based in Erie, PA, who make sure our customers get what they need. Below are some sample emails from educators about our customer service.

How sweet of you to email me back with all that wonderful information! Honestly, I thought my email would go into some database, and may never be read! I can't tell you enough how your willingness to share resources and assistance is appreciated! I look forward to checking out those websites.
Thank you again! :)
Lockport, NY

Joye, thank you for your correspondence. Fortunately, I have recently retired from many years at a wonderful, small town school. My school email has been "banished." Your service has been impressive and useful. I have and will continue to inform my teaching associates of your services. Many thanks for your excellent programs.
Eunice, LA

Finally, all is well and thank you for all your help. I ordered a new DVD and it was difficult to many must haves. Currently I use Pennies a Day every semester. The students get it! I do appreciate this source of educational materials. Money is so tight and free new items are welcome from the educator as well as from the student. Maybe especially the student! 
Middletown, IN

This email was sent to us by mistake- the teacher meant to forward one of our marketing emails to a friend. Customer service wrote back to tell him of his error and thank him for the referral, and he was very happy to hear from us, but had already corrected himself. The new release in the marketing email was Monkey Business.

Saw this new release thought you might be able to use it. If you register with this company you can get one free DVD a year as long as you evaluate it. They are very inexpensive even if you buy them and usually pretty good.
Falmouth, KY

So, anytime you have a question, concern, or problem with your materials, call or email us. We'll take good care of you! (We also, as you see above, love to hear good things, too!)
We especially appreciate your recommendations to other educators you know.

If you or anyone you know, is interested in FREE educational materials, have them come create an account with us here. We have much more than just free DVDs, and we're creating new membership options for this fall. We help educators promote critical thinking among students in their classrooms and at home.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Susan Gable to Present at TedxErie

(Susan's audition video for TedxErie event)

As you may know, TED talks are short, powerful talks presented by speakers on global issues across all disciplines.  TEDx events take that same approach on a local level, and we are proud to announce that Susan Gable, Director of Education Curriculum for, will be presenting at TEDxErie on Nov. 14, 2015!  Susan will be  presenting “Raising Up Kids Who Think For Themselves - and the Rest of Us!”, in keeping with the theme, “How to Raise the Tide” in Erie, PA. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Coming Soon

We've been working hard on new membership options which will be coming this fall.

Make sure you leave feedback so you can get your next free DVD. We value your opinions and do our  best to customize each program for all classrooms. In the past, we've actually redone a program based on teacher feedback, so know that your comments are read and carefully considered.

Along with that, we also have several upcoming new releases that you can look forward to selecting as your Free Annual Video. Stay tuned!

On our social media, we've been sharing clips of our new program, "Pups of Liberty: The Dog-claration of Independence." 

Here's the clip in case you missed it: