Thursday, July 10, 2014

This year, changed up our Teacher of the Year program. We invited previous Teachers of the Year to nominate exceptional teachers they knew who were using DVDs in their classrooms. Those nominees were then asked to respond to several essay questions, including one about their favorite DVD and how they used it with students.

We are extremely pleased to honor these dedicated, hard-working teachers: (from left to right) Connie Walsh-Toler, Karlee Dodson, and Love Merryman.

These outstanding educators won an all-expenses-paid trip to Chicago, where they participated in our planning session for the upcoming school year, offering valuable insights about their classrooms/students and suggestions for how can better serve teachers and their students in the future. They were also presented with the David & Annette Jorgensen Award of Excellence, a cash prize of $2,000, a full set of DVDs, and lifetime Plus memberships.