Monday, February 24, 2014

New Release - Locked Out! Roots of the Arab Spring

We've got a new release!

Locked Out! Roots of the Arab Spring tells the story of Tariq Mohamad Bouazizi, who sold fruits and vegetables from a pushcart in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. He couldn’t afford the time (142 days to complete 54 procedural steps ) or the money ($3,233 – more than he made in a year) to register his business legally. He was Locked Out of the system. 

Like the vast majority of people in the Middle East, he ran his business extra-legally and dealt with harassment from corrupt officials. On the fateful day of Dec. 17, 2010, his run-in with officials and resultant death sent shockwaves across the Middle East, plunging the region into strife and conflict as millions demanded change. 

Discover the Roots of the Arab Spring - the story of Tariq Mohamad Bouazizi. 

Recommended for grades 9-12.