Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back-to-School Contest Winners!

Our Back-to-School contest, run on our Facebook page, was a lot of fun! Many teachers shared pictures and stories from their summer vacations.

We had so much fun reading them, we added special categories for additional prizes. (Things like travel mugs and magnetic clips.)

Congratulations to our winners:

Most Unusual Summer Activity - David Gardner
Best Proposal/Wedding - Ken Wayman
Most Accomplished - Shelly Liles McAninch
Best Home Improvement Project - Lisa Scott
Most Scenic Picture- Laurie Stricklan Bender
Band-Aid (TM) Award - Micky Pelletier
Cutest Kid Pic - Cora Kiene
Cutest Animal Pic - Sara Kimball Smith

    And our "Grand Prize" winner of the Kindle Fire:

    Jason Rasmussen!

Laurie Bender's Grand canyon photo

 Stay tuned! There will be other contests from throughout the year!